Our Focus

Using technology to build a safer, more connected future.


Make informed decisions

Give frontline workers the information they need to make decisions when approaching and interacting with vulnerable residents.


Faciliate safer interactions

Make critical interactions safer for residents, clinicians, and police officers.


Build trust in communities

Help foster communication between agencies, citizens, and advocacy groups.

Focus on the user

Designed to go everywhere

We build by listening to and doing research with our users. That means we work with patrol officers, clinicians, community service providers, and residents to understand their needs. We bake those needs into the design and features of our software. By understanding how they really work, we build products that your frontline staff love and can easily use.

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Our Capabilities

Key Features & Functionality

Tailored profiles

Shows recent history, interaction tips, and information from service providers.

Mobile, Desktop, and MDCs

Works on tablets, smartphones (Android, iOS, and Windows smartphones), desktop computers, and MDCs.

Regulatory Compliance

Built to comply with federal regulations, including CJIS and HIPAA.

Real-Time Information

Synced with data systems continuously so that the most updated information is at your fingertips.

Case Management

Tools to manage information for the people who are the most at risk, and identify who needs outreach.

Data Collection

Easily, quickly collect information in the field about key interactions with residents.

Contact Information

Get tap-to-dial and email notifications for case managers, family members, and other service providers.

Easy Reporting

Data structured in an accessible way, ready for report generation and import into analytics systems.

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Unlimited seats

An annual license covers all users at your agency

Continuous improvements

New features and enhancements available for no additional cost

You own your data

Any data recorded in RideAlong's software belongs to your agency

Customer support

We're available by phone and email to help you be successful

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