The Story Behind

Our Theory of Change

At RideAlong, we strive to build a safer, more connected future. Our focus is on helping cities and counties better serve individuals with mental illness, chemical dependencies, homelessness, and intellectual disabilities. Imagine a future where people get the services they need, are diverted from the criminal justice system, and have a holistic support system that jumps into action when they need. Our theory of change is that giving workers better information to quickly process when they are headed into the field and interacting with clients, then this will lead to better outcomes. This means providing a patrol officer with more context can help them verbally de-escalate the situation and connect the resident with local services. Or getting key information to clinicians when they are headed into the field to provide medical services to a client helps them to provide better services and know how to approach next steps. We are committed to ensuring that the people in the field have the resources they need to provide the best possible services to residents.



Make informed decisions

Give frontline workers the information they need to make decisions when approaching and interacting with vulnerable residents.


Facilitate safer interactions

Make critical interactions safer for residents, clinicians, and police officers.


Build trust in communities

Help foster communication between agencies, citizens, and advocacy groups.

Our Approach

Using technology to build a safer, more connected future.


Seeing your staff in the field to both learn and support them. 3 am roll calls. Shelter visits. We meet you where you need us to be.


Designing for the people who use our software is at the core of what we do. We focus on making products that both work and are a pleasure to use.


Adjusting to work within your processes and systems, and keeping our tech flexible for integration.


Product, design, and technical decisions are informed by both research and advice from key experts.


Building our product to infuse empathy to best help your staff, residents, and the community.


Working with end users, your community, and your leadership to ensure we meet your needs.

Katherine Nammacher

CEO and Co-Founder

Meredith Hitchcock

COO and Co-Founder

Georgia Andrews

Director of Engineering

Maryann Kongovi


John O'Duinn


we are hiring

Open positions

Full Stack Developer


Ideally you’ve worked on a production Rails app (we’re on Rails 5). You’re excited that this is not just a “heads down” engineering role – you will help us work with clients, pick future technical infrastructure, and grow the company.

We are a pragmatic agile shop, and are collaborative problem solvers. Our current stack is back to front: Postgres, Rails 5, and jQuery. We develop and deploy to containers using Docker on a mix of on-prem and AWS.

Bonus experience you might have: exposure to containerized workflows, regulation compliance (esp. HIPAA and/or CJIS), and experience with critical systems. (Remember, these are bonuses, not requirements – you well get this experience on the job.)


Build Your Own Job


We are a small company of passionate, proactive, hack-the-system doers that want to change the world. We take what comes our way and run with it. The app we work on directly improves and saves the lives of people.

If you are passionate about what we do, interested in getting your hands dirty from day one, flexible and collaborative. If you are interested in working with us, just reach out and let us know more about you.


If you have any questions, just drop us a line.