We Bridge the Information Gap Between Police Officers and Service Providers

RideAlong is a software tool that gives patrol officers key information about people with mental illness at the scene—everything from tailored de-escalation techniques to personalized service referral options.

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Multiple Benefits

Make informed decisions.

Give first responders the information they need to make decisions when approaching and resolving calls.

Facilitate safer interactions.

Make critical interactions safer for both first responders and citizens.

Build trust in communities.

Help foster communication between agencies, citizens, and advocacy groups.

Made with first responders

We’ve spent hundreds of hours riding with patrol officers. RideAlong is in continuous development, and we test it with officers at every stage.

"We followed the crisis response plan [in RideAlong]. Before, we were thinking an involuntary detention. We ended up just writing the report and documenting everything."

Patrol Officer

"We were able to close the call quickly. With the response plan [in RideAlong], we knew exactly what to try."

Patrol Officer

Made for first responders

We worked with patrol officers, community service providers, and residents to understand their needs. By building a system that addresses these needs, we provide officers with the information to give people with mental illnesses better long-term outcomes.

Safer interactions for police and residents

Individualized information: specific de-escalation techniques, triggers to avoid, and officer safety concerns

Informed decision-making on the street

RideAlong puts critical details at officers’ fingertips. Profiles offer crisis call history, case manager contact information, and personalized action plans how to effectively resolve crisis calls with specific individuals.

Seamless integration with CAD and RMS

We integrate with your RMS and CAD systems, so profiles are one tap away on 911 calls


Packed with powerful features for patrol officers and crisis intervention-trained officers.

Tailored Profiles

Shows data from the call history, interaction tips, and information from service providers.


Navigate and read profiles easily with text and buttons designed for the moving car.


Works on Android, iOS, and Windows smartphones.

Powerful Search

Search by name, DOB, or physical characteristics.

Contact Information

Get tap-to-dial and email notifications for case managers, family members, and other service providers.

Timeline of Previous Calls

View dates and high-level information from people’s most recent crisis calls.

Direct In-App Feedback

Send feedback from officers to crisis intervention experts about recent encounters.


View DOL and mugshot photos, and add photos for scars/marks/tattoos.

On duty wherever officers are

Optimized for patrol car computers, desktop, and smartphones.

Get RideAlong for your police department.

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